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You might have seen trade show exhibitors who were prepared to meet, greet, educate, network and develop business as well as those who were not.

We will be looking at The Trade Show/Expo as one of your businesses biggest assets, when planned properly.  Yes, planning is a vital; we will be working to help you develop the step by step process to assure successful events.

Through a series of essays and comments submitted we will outline and expand on the process to assure successful Trade Show/Expo appearances.

The steps we will be developing include:

·         Planning

·         Objectives

·         The six questions (Check list)

·         Set Up

·         Promotion

·         Execution (The Event)

·         Follow – Up

·         Post Mortem


This is the first in a series of essays on Trade Shows and how to plan, organize, implement, follow up and develop business from this opportunity.

What has worked for you to bring in current and prospective customers, clients, employees and investors?  Send us your story we can spread the word and get down to business. 


One of my most memorable Trade Show experiences was, November 1991, when I was exhibiting in Honolulu.  I was representing a Minneapolis based pharmaceutical company, my audience was made up of Pharmaceutical distributors, Purchasing agents and Veterinarians from Hawaii, the Western U.S. mainland , Japan and other South Pacific countries and territories as well as East Asian countries.  I was a first time exhibitor at this event and needed to get attention and visitors to spend time with me, this was a relationship building opportunity for I knew I would have opportunity meet many of these people over the next few years. 

I could have gone with the product samples, brochures, banners and company collateral materials, but decided to take a different approach. 

A few weeks earlier, October 1991, two historical events hit he news from Minnesota.

1.      The Minnesota Twins had just won the World Series (defeating the Atlanta Braves in a magnificent 7 game series). 

2.      Halloween, Minneapolis had a record breaking 36 hour Snow Storm. 

I went to this meeting in Honolulu with the company material, however, the highlight and memorable experience of this show developed with my bringing Minnesota Twins caps, Homer Hankies and the front page from the Minneapolis and St. Paul newspapers with photos of the historical snow fall.

The result was everyone, exhibitors and visitors alike, visiting my booth repetitively to talk, get acquainted and book future meetings and business.  The goal had been achieved, creating relationship and business which has gone on for years after this event. 

What is the purpose of the Trade Show/Expo?


Trade shows and expos are the time and place to develop awareness for your product, service, campaign, program….

Future articles will be focused on the Why, Who, What, Where, When, How to CREATE AWARENESS! 

I’m Dennis

Helping you, Market You is what I do!


About the author:

Dennis Florence has 30+ years experience in recruiting, business development, sales and marketing activities through Trade Show and Exposition consulting activities.

Dennis has direct sales, consulting and management experience in multiple industries and distribution channels.  Dennis can be reached at 850-339-7696 and found at yourgifts123@yahoo.com